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Patrick is currently the Vice President of Industry Relations and Compliance for Lending Solutions within Assurant, the industry’s leading provider of lender-placed insurance and related outsourcing services and a leading producer of flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program. Patrick’s team is responsible for regulatory change management and monitors legislation and rule-making that occurs at a Federal, State or Investor/GSE level. Patrick leads Assurant’s response to new laws and regulations and manage Assurant’s governance for implementation of necessary controls and procedures. Patrick is responsible for communicating changes to Assurant clients and work closely with industry trade groups and participants on advocacy including serving on industry working groups and contributing to joint-trades comment letters and position papers. Patrick’s previous experience with Assurant includes Product Line Executive for a line of homeowners insurance, Director of Business Development, and Director of the Corporate Integration Project Office. Prior to joining Assurant, Patrick worked for nine years at Fannie Mae in Washington D.C. in both Credit Policy, and Audit representing Fannie Mae on the first Technical Mapping Advisory Council in 1996 as well as Interagency working groups on flood insurance. Patrick began his business career in commercial banking in Washington D.C. where he spent two and half years in internal audit after graduating from the University of Maryland with a B.S. in Accounting.


Patrick Sullivan

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